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I share what Soul guides me to share about every two weeks. I don’t consider this channeling, for my Soul and I are One. The Ascension Notes include the latest energies and each word carries high dimensional energy that flow into you as you read, helping you during this time of Transformation. The Notes are very grounding and practical. They are your potential and the information is not to be stuck in your intellect, but felt in your Heart.

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Changes - 25-Jul-2020
Good Bye to Ascension Notes - 02-Mar-2019
You Are A Gift - 29-Jan-2019
Soulstice Energies - 28-Dec-2018
You Are Source - 01-Dec-2018
Fear is an illusion... - 05-Nov-2018
Authenticity - 04-Oct-2018
The 2018 Equinox - 17-Sep-2018
Being A Master of Love - 28-Aug-2018
Riding the Waves of the Sacred Spiral - 13-Aug-2018
In the Midst of Eclipses - 24-Jul-2018
Massive Energy Wave - 08-Jul-2018
Solstice Energy - 21-Jun-2018
More... - 10-Jun-2018
Love and Value - 21-May-2018
Activations - 09-May-2018
Shifts and Changes - 22-Apr-2018
We are much more... - 07-Apr-2018
Equinox & High Dimensional Light - 16-Mar-2018
Moving Beyond - 20-Feb-2018
The Awakened Ones and The Awakening Ones - 09-Feb-2018
Transforming fear to Power - 26-Jan-2018
Shifting from the old to the New - 15-Jan-2018
Bodyspeak - 29-Dec-2017
Up Up Up - 15-Dec-2017
Ascending... - 27-Nov-2017
Be the Warrior of Love - 04-Nov-2017
Ascended Masters in Physical Form - 18-Oct-2017
Love and the Equinox - 21-Sep-2017
New Earth & Continuous Eclipse Energies - 07-Sep-2017
Eclipse Energy - 20-Aug-2017
Energies of Now - 13-Aug-2017
Evolving More - 30-Jul-2017
Ongoing Upgrades - 15-Jul-2017
Wholing - 27-Jun-2017
Solstice & Divine Masculine - 20-Jun-2017
Being the Observer - 10-Jun-2017
The Simple Truth - 04-Jun-2017
Embodiment - 24-May-2017
Embodying the New - 03-May-2017
Choice and Ascended Masters - 22-Apr-2017
Evolving Higher - 02-Apr-2017
The 2017 March Equinox - 19-Mar-2017
Choices - 06-Mar-2017
Rising in Authenticity, Power and Sovereignty - 21-Feb-2017
We Are Beautiful Beings of Love - 05-Feb-2017
We are Source - 15-Jan-2017
Evolving in the New - 02-Jan-2017
Winter Soulstice 2016 - 17-Dec-2016
Where Is Your Focus? - 07-Dec-2016
We are Light and Love - 22-Nov-2016
Integrating Soul - 06-Nov-2016
Consciousness and Shifting - 18-Oct-2016
Being the Light We Are - 02-Oct-2016
Security and Knowing - 13-Sep-2016
Being Love; Being Peace - 28-Aug-2016
Being Authentically You - 13-Aug-2016
True Freedom - 30-Jul-2016
Finally...a new Ascension Note - 16-Jul-2016
The Soulstice Full Moon Gateway - 21-Jun-2016
Surrendering and Flowing to What Is - 10-Jun-2016
Ascension Tidbits - 27-May-2016
Integrating Who We Are - 10-May-2016
Expanding the Divine Feminine - 25-Apr-2016
Expanding Consciousness - 13-Apr-2016
Post Eclipse Gateway - 29-Mar-2016
March Gateway: Equinox & Lunar Eclipse - 17-Mar-2016
March Energies - 03-Mar-2016
Consciousness - 16-Feb-2016
Living the New Now - 05-Feb-2016
All of Life is in Divine Order - 20-Jan-2016
The New Now - 04-Jan-2016
The 2015 Soulstice - 21-Dec-2015
The 12:12 Gateway of 2015 - 08-Dec-2015
Continuing the Upward Flow - 23-Nov-2015
The 11:11 Gateway of 2015 - 10-Nov-2015
Now & 11:11 Gateway - 01-Nov-2015
A Whole New Place of Being - 13-Oct-2015
Eclipse Energy - 30-Sep-2015
Eclipse and Equinox Fun Times - 17-Sep-2015
Powerful Leaps Forward - 02-Sep-2015
Expanding More as Love - 19-Aug-2015
Lion's Gate - 05-Aug-2015
The Magdalen Gateway - 23-Jul-2015
Freedom & Choice - 09-Jul-2015
We're On the Move - 25-Jun-2015
Flexibility, Birth & Freedom - 09-Jun-2015
Evolving...High Mind and Relationships - 26-May-2015
Being Stronger and Committed - 13-May-2015
Unity Consciousness...the end of duality - 30-Apr-2015
The New Moon...anchoring more New - 17-Apr-2015
Integrating the Eclipse Cycle - 06-Apr-2015
The Current Eclipse Cycle: endings and new beginnings - 26-Mar-2015
The Power of Cosmic Activity - 09-Mar-2015
Being Authentically You - 24-Feb-2015
Guess Who's Leading? - 08-Feb-2015
Life in the New - 25-Jan-2015
1-11-2015 & More - 10-Jan-2015
Our Next New Phase - 30-Dec-2014
The Soulstice Gateway - 18-Dec-2014
The 12-12 Gateway - 10-Dec-2014
More Light; More Awareness; More Love - 25-Nov-2014
11-11: Portal of Enhanced Consciousness of Love - 10-Nov-2014
Evolving, Evolving, Evolving... - 02-Nov-2014
New Moon Solar Eclipse 2014 - 22-Oct-2014
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of October 7/8 - 07-Oct-2014
The Beauty of Evolving Higher in Vibration & Consciousness - 30-Sep-2014
The Equinox and More - 18-Sep-2014
A Powerful Influx of Multidimensional Light - 03-Sep-2014
Moment by Moment; Step by Step...more New - 22-Aug-2014
Lion's Gate 2014 - 07-Aug-2014
Emerging from the Cocoon - 27-Jul-2014
and we're rollin, rollin... - 15-Jul-2014
Flying More into the New - 02-Jul-2014
The Solstice Activation - 20-Jun-2014
Full Moon Gateway - 10-Jun-2014
The Power of Bringing Heaven to Earth - 01-Jun-2014
Rising in Vibration and Consciousness...A New Space - 19-May-2014
Taking Full Responsibility for Who You Are - 05-May-2014
Infusion of Light - 22-Apr-2014
The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse...Trust and Surrender - 13-Apr-2014
Being More - 30-Mar-2014
The Equinox Gateway - 18-Mar-2014
Playing in the New World - 11-Mar-2014
New Phase of Magic & Miracles, Downloads and New Foundation - 24-Feb-2014
Ebbing and Flowing - 12-Feb-2014
We Are Powerful Sovereign Beings...Ascending Masters - 28-Jan-2014
Becoming More of our Ascending Mastery - 14-Jan-2014
The New Now - 03-Jan-2014
The Solstice Gateway of 2013 - 19-Dec-2013
The 12:12 Portal of 2013 - 11-Dec-2013
Expanding into more Light through the Enhanced Merkabah - 24-Nov-2013
11:11 Gateway of 2013 - 10-Nov-2013
Solar Eclipse November 3, 2013 - 02-Nov-2013
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of October 18, 2013 - 18-Oct-2013
Expanding into the New Infinitely - 07-Oct-2013
Becoming Crystalline and the Equinox Gateway - 22-Sep-2013
Creativity: The Path to New Life - 10-Sep-2013
The Second Sirian Universal Merkabah - 25-Aug-2013
Merging with Soul - 13-Aug-2013
Double the Pleasure: Sirian Universal Merkabah AND The Lion's Gate - 27-Jul-2013
Sirian Universal Merkabah, Consciousness & Heaven on Earth - 16-Jul-2013
Self-Empowerment and Self-Love - 05-Jul-2013
Solstice Gateway - 19-Jun-2013
Being Ascended - 06-Jun-2013
Full Moon Eclipse: May 24/25, 2013 - 23-May-2013
New Moon/Solar Eclipse of May 9/10 - 08-May-2013
The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of April 25, 2013 - 25-Apr-2013
Going Deeper: Choosing Love & Going Beneath the Surface - 18-Apr-2013
Anchoring More New Life, Relationships and Illusions - 29-Mar-2013
Purpose of Pisces Energy; Grounding with Source/Divine Feminine & New Phase - 12-Mar-2013
Being Present, Challenge=Opportunity & Smoother Times Ahead - 03-Mar-2013
Blasted Out of Our Comfort Zone, The Matrix and Commitment - 19-Feb-2013
Divine Spiral, Integrity, Choices & Power Chakra - 06-Feb-2013
RefiningOur Space in the New Vibrations - 23-Jan-2013
Shifting, Revisiting the Past, Divine Feminine and more - 13-Jan-2013
Infinite Ascending - 30-Dec-2012
The 13th Gateway: December 21, 2012 - 20-Dec-2012
12-12-12 Gateway - 09-Dec-2012
Lunar Eclipse & the Intense Energies As We Step into December - 24-Nov-2012
11/11 Gateway - 10-Nov-2012
Purpose of the Full Moon, Relationships & Letting Go of Control - 30-Oct-2012
Upgrades, Angelic Connection, New Moon & Pure Potentiality - 15-Oct-2012
Deepening the Foundation for Ascension - 06-Oct-2012
The Autumnal Equinox/Portal - 21-Sep-2012
Shifting & Breakthrough: All in Divine Order - 13-Sep-2012
Beginning a New Phase, Bringing the Spiritual into the Practical, Full Moon and More - 29-Aug-2012
August Intensity, Lion's Gate & Dissolving Collective Consciousness - 13-Aug-2012
The Continual Shifts of Ascension - 30-Jul-2012
Cosmic Rollercoaster, Ka, New Moon & Guides and Angels - 16-Jul-2012
Full Moon Transformational Energies; A Further Step into the New - 03-Jul-2012
The Energies of the Solstice and New Moon - 19-Jun-2012
Venus Transit/Lunar Eclipse/Divine Feminine - 03-Jun-2012
Preparing for the Eclipse and Venus Transit - 01-Jun-2012
Eclipses and Venus Retrograde...Power On! - 17-May-2012
The Power of Solar Flares and New Energies for our Ascension - 30-Apr-2012
Challenges and Opportunities: Perceptions - 19-Apr-2012
Assimilating Light Encodings, Continual Release & Taking A Step into the New - 07-Apr-2012
Manifesting Your Heart's Desire(s) - 18-Mar-2012
Old Beliefs~New Perceptions - 28-Feb-2012
Expanding Past Our Status Quo - 13-Feb-2012
Commitment, Choice and Soul - 01-Feb-2012
The Latest Ascension Notes - 18-Jan-2012
Ascension Notes: January 3, 2012 - 03-Jan-2012
The Twelfth Gateway - 21-Dec-2011
Expansion of the New: Eclipse of December 10 & Beyond - 11-Dec-2011
New Moon/Eclipse Energies for Ascension - 25-Nov-2011
Beyond the 11th Gateway - 16-Nov-2011
The 11-11-11 Gateway - 10-Nov-2011
October 28, 2011: The Cosmic Convergence - 25-Oct-2011
The 10th Gateway: Source Consciousness - 10-Oct-2011
Importance of Meditation & 9th Gateway Experiences - 26-Sep-2011
The 9th Gateway: Surrender and Ecstasy - 17-Sep-2011
Oneness, Distraction & Accelerated Consciousness - 29-Aug-2011
The Eighth Gateway: The Higher Mind - 10-Aug-2011
The New 3 Graces and Current Ascension Energies - 02-Aug-2011
The Soul Created Life - 18-Jul-2011
The Energies of the Solstice Gateway & Seventh Gateway: July 11, 2011 - 10-Jul-2011
The Third Eclipse - 30-Jun-2011
The Sixth Gateway...Summer Solstice - 19-Jun-2011
Full Moon/Second Eclipse of the Eclipse Trinity - 15-Jun-2011
Personal Portals and Sixth Gateway - 12-Jun-2011
6th Dimension, Divine Masculine, Familial Clearing & More - 28-May-2011
The Fifth Gateway 5/11/2011 - 10-May-2011
Multidimensionality, Manifestations & Reminders - 01-May-2011
Full Moon, The New Relationship, Physical Manifestations... - 17-Apr-2011
The 4th Gateway: The Higher Heart: April 11, 2011 - 10-Apr-2011
Divine Feminine, Energies of the Equinox & April - 04-Apr-2011
Lemurian Gateway, Equinox, New Blueprints & Chaos - 19-Mar-2011
Ninth Wave, Manifestations of the old & New - 09-Mar-2011
Moving Closer to the World of the 5th Sun - 20-Feb-2011
2nd Gateway & Symptoms - 07-Feb-2011
The Latest Energies of Ascension - 19-Jan-2011
1-11-11 Gateway, Life in 5D & Teleconference Ascension Class - 11-Jan-2011
Living in the New, Body Grids & the Solar Eclipse - 03-Jan-2011
Winter Solstice/Full Moon/Eclipse...A Huge Leap Forward in Consciousness - 21-Dec-2010
12:12 - 11-Dec-2010
Powerful Energies, Release & Reminders - 06-Dec-2010
New Consciousness Grid, Gateways, Symptoms & More - 24-Nov-2010
A Message from the Sirian Emissaries of Light - 21-Nov-2010
11-11 Gateway - 09-Nov-2010
The Soul Guided Life - 27-Oct-2010
Gateway 10-10-10 - 09-Oct-2010
Residing in the New, Words & the Shadow - 30-Sep-2010
Ascension Notes: Energies and Guidance on this Fall Equinox - 22-Sep-2010
More Ascension Energies & the Importance of Meditation - 13-Sep-2010
Sirian Protection, Unity & Neutrality - 23-Aug-2010
Fourth Dimension; Divinity; Healing & More on the 13 Vortex/DNA Strand - 21-Aug-2010
More on 4th Dimension and Density from Gabriel - 21-Aug-2010
Unity Consciousness & Pyramid Wholing Energy - 15-Aug-2010
13th Vortex & Lions Gate Activation - 08-Aug-2010
Conscious Choosing, Detachment & Solar Plexus Transformation - 02-Aug-2010
Light, Ego De-Identification, Other Lifetimes & Ongoing Eclipse Energies - 22-Jul-2010
Eclipse Pattern, Ascension Gateways & Symptoms - 01-Jul-2010
Solstice Energies, Using the Mother Ray & Creating your Bliss - 21-Jun-2010
Symptoms, Fork in the Road and Consumerism - 14-Jun-2010
Ancient Portals, Planetary Healing and New Creativity - 04-Jun-2010
2nd Harmonic Convergence, Eruptions & New Cycle - 29-May-2010
Big Energy, Merkabah  and Commitment - 15-May-2010
Pedestals, Sensitivity & Being - 08-May-2010
Divine Mother Grid - 30-Apr-2010
The Widening Schism between Love and fear - 23-Apr-2010