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I share what Soul guides me to share about every two weeks. I don’t consider this channeling, for my Soul and I are One. The Ascension Notes include the latest energies and each word carries high dimensional energy that flow into you as you read, helping you during this time of Transformation. The Notes are very grounding and practical. They are your potential and the information is not to be stuck in your intellect, but felt in your Heart.

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The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of April 25, 2013 - 25-Apr-2013

Know that the energy of this Full Moon/Eclipse continues, so what I share here may be integrated for many months to come...I have felt that this Full Moon/Eclipse was going to be a powerful one. In fact, it is the biggest and strongest energy since the December 21, 2012 portal. even stronger than the Spring Equinox energies. It is the first of three eclipses that takes us through the rest of the year and eclipses not only bring change, they help highlight deeper old layers of the past so we can release them, if that is our choice. .
Also, it is the full anchoring of the merge of the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine within and on Gaia, as I have been sharing over the last week on my Facebook Community Page. We have certainly anchored the Divine Feminine within and on Earth and now it is time to empower the Divine Masculine for balance. Many have wondered why their creations haven't manifested. well, the Divine Masculine is needed for this. for while the Divine Feminine creates, the Divine Masculine manifests. It also merges the Higher Heart and Higher Mind as One. All of this occurs in a grounded manner. If you've experienced "issues" on the right side of your body, the Divine Masculine, as an aspect of Soul, is getting your attention.
This eclipse is lunar (feminine), so the opportunity to clear deeper layers of old wounds, beliefs and attitudes is clearly present. As we clear anything that limits our Freedom to be More, the solar (masculine) eclipse of May 10 will complete what you begin now. The eclipse of today takes you deep into your emotional body and helps you see how far you've come in making the needed changes in order to expand more into your spiritual mastery. There is also available, for those who choose to tap into the energy, the potential to have a clearer understanding around unconscious belief patterns, which keep creating and manifesting similar circumstances.
With this illumination, you can then take steps to transform these old patterns by first feeling, then observing dispassionately (thereby not attaching to the energy of the old patterns), releasing and finally creating anew using Soul Essences (Joy, Love, Peace, Wholeness, Clarity, etc.). We do this by being these Essences. thereby empowering them and loosening our attachment to what is not working. From the Essences, details are created. So don't focus on the details of what you want. focus on the Essence underneath the details.
We have an opportunity to review our values as well. We can ask ourselves if we are aligned with our Integrity. do we walk our talk or do we say one thing and act in another way, which creates a schism? Do you count on others to provide you with Peace or Love or do you have them within yourself? Are you still engaged in putting others' well-being in front of your own, are you still engaged in others' drama, or have you stepped into your own Power, realizing all your needs are met within you? Realize that this eclipse helps you let go of old patterns that keep you victimized and then step into the Power of being spiritually sovereign. Being spiritually sovereign means that all you require is within, no matter what your outer life says. You can make this shift more easily now...from putting attention on your outer life to bringing the Power to your inner life. As you do, in time, your outer life aligns with your inner. Meditation is key in this, as it places the focus and power within, rather than being attached to what your outer life dictates to you.
This eclipse aids you in taking Responsibility for all in your life, thereby transforming any victim energy to a boost in Empowerment. Now, victim energy isn't just being victimized by others, such as in abusive relationships. It is the energy in which one feels as though they are powerless to change. that life happens to them, rather than because of the energy and consciousness they carry within. Any time you feel sorry for yourself, you are tapping into victim energy. It is an energy you feel when you believe circumstances dictate where you are, who you are and you feel limited in any way. As you can see, this eclipse is a huge help for you to transcend more of your limitations, for truly, the only one who can shift your life to match your Soul's Desires for you is you!
So while you may feel pushed from the inside out, it is all for you to rise in your Power in a grounded and balanced way. It may be that you see old issues are being revisited. know that we release in layers and a deeper layer of one or more of your core issues is being revealed. The outer circumstance is never the issue. go deeper. deeper still and deeper yet till you touch that one core belief that creates so much stress in your life.
To help, release any denial, defensiveness, confusion, fear or resistance in the Sacred Rose and fill up with Source Light/Love. Trust in the process...go beyond your ego-safety and comfort zone and know. truly know. that all that occurs from now till the end of the year is for you. that is how much you're loved! And instead of focusing on the intensity of this eclipse energy, give thanks for all the ways you are empowering remembering Who You Are.

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