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I share what Soul guides me to share about every two weeks. I don’t consider this channeling, for my Soul and I are One. The Ascension Notes include the latest energies and each word carries high dimensional energy that flow into you as you read, helping you during this time of Transformation. The Notes are very grounding and practical. They are your potential and the information is not to be stuck in your intellect, but felt in your Heart.

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Sirian Universal Merkabah, Consciousness & Heaven on Earth - 16-Jul-2013

Beginning on July 17 and culminating on July 29, we are entering a phase/expansion. a portal/gateway where we align with the Universal Merkabah that empowers our own Merkabah, manifesting in personal and global Heaven on Earth. (Of course, this isn't the end of ongoing, powerful energies that take us higher and higher and higher into our ongoing and infinite Ascension.) We've been working diligently toward this through expanding our consciousness in order to raise our vibration and now potentially (depending on where each person is in their Ascension), we may manifest our highest dreams in physical form. This alignment helps us take practical steps in creating and manifesting our Soul's aspirations. Have you done your work. are you ready? Do you feel on a deep, cellular level the truth of this? If so, in the next few days especially, as this alignment begins, bring into conscious intention what it is you want to bring into form. Focus especially not on the details, but on the essence you want to experience (Love, Peace, Abundance, Joy, Fulfillment, etc.)

In the old we focused on details. on an outer form. we created from our intellect. In the New, we focus on the Heart of the dream/vision. Focusing on details is a subtle way of controlling and thus limiting the form. Focusing on essence allows Universal Source Love to bring forth the form in the highest expression possible, as it is aligned with our consciousness and Soul. Can you trust this. can you trust your Soul to handle the details? This is an incredible let-go of the old ways of doing things and trusting in the Infinite to manifest through us based on our consciousness.

Consciousness is what creates life. So instead of focusing on what you want outside of yourself, focus on the Love within. letting go of how you think the form should look. How do you raise your consciousness? Through meditation, aligning with the Universal Merkabah, receiving its Love and Light and letting go of all old patterns, beliefs and ways of being based in fear and separation. To manifest, you don't have to tell anyone who or what you are, for we are in such a sacred time that you will manifest exactly where your consciousness is and others feel that. you needn't convince anyone of who you are or what you do or what you know. they know and feel it. Others feel your Light and there's no convincing anyone of anything. As you are simply yourself, all that is yours will come to you effortlessly. If life isn't working out the way you wish it to, focus on matching your inner consciousness with your desire. are they aligned? Otherwise, it is just wishful thinking and that manifests nothing.

Also know that the intellect cannot know what the highest manifestation for you is, for the intellect only knows the past and limitation. So let go and trust and expand within, all the while holding gently the essences you choose to experience. It is actually easy and simple. And then follow your intuition and guidance, taking one step at a time. Let go of old thoughts that want to deter you like "I'm not qualified," "I don't have enough money," "Life will never change," "I'm not spiritual enough," "I'm not enough." These are old programs. Remember, the Universal Merkabah is available to us in order to expand exponentially into our Soul-aligned visions and purpose. Let go of the form.

You may see that new opportunities arise, new places to live, new relationships/friendships, new Guides, etc. may begin to percolate within. Your direction may shift. follow rather than cling to the "tried and true" path. This is because you can't stay in the same place while your consciousness has moved into a much larger space. That would be incongruent and not aligned with Soul.

You may also receive new Guides. Remember, Guides and Angels are matched to your consciousness. So be open if your traditional Guides don't show up and be open to new ones, if that happens. Long ago, when I was first teaching classes, I would always call on my Guides to share with me what was to be shared in class. It was my first class and when I called to my Guides, they came and then turned around and walked away. In my meditation, I called out, "Wait! Where are you going?!?" My lead Guide turned around and said, "Our time with you is done, you are to work only with your Soul." It was quite unnerving to say the least and it threw me into a panic. And yet, class went smoothly as I simply shared from my Heart, where Soul is connected. Over the years, other Guides have come for brief times for different purposes and I often visit my first "team," and yet, they were right, for I had become too dependent on them, and they were no longer a match.

As a part of this Grand Alignment, a changing of the guard is taking place. For 26,000 years the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light have guided us to this point. And now the Sirian Emissaries of Light step up and continue to take us higher. These Emissaries show themselves to me as tall and blue. They are ushering in a new age based in Unity, multidimensionality and Love. The Universal Merkabah is their sign to us that it is beginning. Remember that Ascension is infinite, and we will still release much personally and globally. The 3D matrix has disengaged from us (or vice versa) and if there are still those who don't believe it and still live their lives in the old way, it is their choice and refusal to believe that a new consciousness has replaced the old. Many do not trust that the New is here and so continue to limit themselves by holding onto old patterns and old life. All are blessed and all have choice.

As you go into your meditation, breathe into your Heart Center. There you will find your Divine Flame. Your Divine Flame has transformed into the Holy Spirit, by the way. Expand the Holy Spirit throughout you, filling all chakras and aura and then ask for your Merkabah/Personal Vortex to be in place with the center point at your Heart Chakra. Then link up with the Universal Merkabah and receive the upgrade of Light and Love flowing into you in electric blues and purples. This then fills your entire being and expands infinitely. Observe how you feel and observe what occurs in life as your consciousness expands as part of the Sirian Universal Merkabah. You will see what might be called miracles, only they will cease to be miracles, and become commonplace, as this is what New Life . will continue to be...non-miraculous Love.

Many are experiencing what they call anxiety. We call it anxiety because that is a word we are familiar with. This "anxiety" is a mixture of things, alerting each person as to what is going on within, to draw attention to whatever that is. For some, it is an alert to some resistance of letting go of something in life in order to set them free, for others it is a download of high dimensional Light that is dispersed into the electrical and cellular bodies. For others it occurs after there has been a big release and they are freed from the old and yet don't know what is replacing the old, for the New is creating itself moment-by-moment through each person's consciousness. And for some it's a combination of the above. So please do let go of your old descriptions and words. Just feel. you don't have to name a feeling. it's enough to just feel, for that is the New Way. In the old, we wanted to categorize, analyze and attach meaning to everything. In the New, that is obsolete. Things simply are...or they aren't. We just move with our feeling-guidance. This is Being. And in the Being all is taken care of.

~ ~ ~

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