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I share what Soul guides me to share about every two weeks. I don’t consider this channeling, for my Soul and I are One. The Ascension Notes include the latest energies and each word carries high dimensional energy that flow into you as you read, helping you during this time of Transformation. The Notes are very grounding and practical. They are your potential and the information is not to be stuck in your intellect, but felt in your Heart.

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We Are Powerful Sovereign Beings...Ascending Masters - 28-Jan-2014

It seems that every time I write an Ascension Note I speak to how intense the energies are. This time is no different...more intensity. And yet, this is not happening to you. You have invited it as you agreed to be a part of the shift into mastery. This truly takes changing your perception from being a victim of the shift (ever so subtle) to being a master of the shift. By taking Responsibility for all in your life as being the creator of all of it, you step into your mastery. The intense energies help this if you change your perception from victim to master, if need be. In this way, when you are experiencing the many and varied physical adjustments so many of us are experiencing, rather than wanting things to be normalized (no more normal), we go with the Flow, realizing that the Flow is nothing but Love. Yes, everything we experience helps us integrate more Love by releasing all that is not Love. Is it easy? It depends on your perspective.

This week especially we have the gift of being clearer about our values and priorities. Who are you in regard to your relationships, work, health and yourself? We all are getting clearer and more refined as to what we want and who we want to be. By being authentic and real about ourselves and showing that to others, we rise to a new level of consciousness. Thus, we rise to a new experience of life. Are you settling for a life that doesn't match your mastery? Do you want your life to be a more accurate expression of the true you? You might wonder how to do that. It is all about focusing on how you want to feel. In other words, what inner essence(s) do you want your life to be manifest from? Choose one a day and be that. This is taking Responsibility for creating your life and moving further away from "life is happening to me."

Essences are qualities such as Love, Peace, Freedom, Balance, Joy, Abundance, Creativity, etc. When you are more of these (not just thinking or wishing you had these), life will offer you opportunities to express these more in your life. There is also a process of releasing anything that is not that essence. For instance, you may choose Abundance. What will be rooted out then is any behavior or belief that you are not abundant.

What brings you Joy and Pleasure? Do more of that. Where does your Passion lie. where do you feel more Compassionate. more alive? Do more of that. This is living your essential life. In the New, we truly are to experience Joy, so therefore, what isn't joyful will come up to be released. Whatever is not aligned in your Heart and Soul is asking to be let go of so that more of what is aligned may expand within you and thus begin creating the Promise the New has for you. a life of Love, Joy, Peace...or whatever essence(s) you choose to create from. Remember, you have all essences within you.

Depending on where you are in your Ascension, many are completing the letting go phase and stepping into the joyous New Life that has been promised. Yet, you must do the work. It does not happen automatically, for you are not a victim of life. you are a sovereign Being of Light, meaning it is entirely up to you as to how you want to feel and what you want to create. Often this takes looking deeper behind the words you use and the thoughts you have. Talking about something. using the lingo. really doesn't do anything. you must Be what you say. This is being authentic.

Here is an exercise to deepen your Awareness. Take each of these words and discover how they are working in your life. Perhaps journal the deeper meaning and how you are being and expressing . them:
Authenticity, Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom, Expectancy (not expectation), Abundance, Responsibility, Balance, Truth (you can add more essences). Write out the truth of you as you go deeper and deeper into them. Pay attention to your deeper voice that gives you the truth of where you really are. If you discover there are limitations to these inner essences, release the limitations and then expand deeper and fuller into your chosen essence(s) and make any changes that will expand them.

Know that as you allow the changes and expansion, the truth of you will become stronger. You are an ascending master. a spiritual sovereign being. The only thing holding you back is any resistance to change and any old limiting emotions such as fear, control, comfort zone, attachment, expectations, anger, frustration, etc. as well as any old beliefs. Be honest with yourself and be responsible for every aspect of life. What helps is to stay in the Now Moment, for it is only in this place where you can have the Awareness and Truth of who and what you are.

Learn to respond to your life and not react to it. Responding helps you flow in Truth and Awareness. reaction puts you on the defensive. And know that whenever you defend, you are attaching to an old way of being. Bring into yourself all your energy, instead of minimizing it in outer distractions. Follow your Heart always, for every choice takes you to more expansion. And remember that Earth is a free-will zone. there are no shoulds or shouldn'ts. no supposed-to's (these are old programs). Every choice is a pathway to being more. There is no right and wrong. for that is duality. Things simply are, with no judgment.

As you rise in Love, you will also expand in Love and Compassion for yourself and others. including all non-human life forms. This makes you more sensitive and more aware of what is not Love. And as you rise in Love and Compassion, you also honor everyone's choices as well. even when they are different than your own. As you expand in Love as an ascending master, the old duality will more easily dissolve into Unity Consciousness. You see, it is easier now because you have (and will continue) received your upgraded Soul DNA and upgrades to your Chakras. Your New template is already in place. The work upon us now is to fine tune our New selves. Feel a continual flow of crystalline Light flowing into you through your Crown and Pineal Chakras (intend this). It is a constant in-flow of Source Love. This Light flows into your cells, DNA, and electrical system continuously filling you with Source Light, bringing you higher and higher in consciousness and a Soul-guided life.

As you rise in vibration and claim your masterhood, you affect all others and thus, who you are helps the collective Earth life forms also rise in vibration. With all of this expansion, there will be what many refer to as "ascension symptoms." It is very important not to focus on these, because then you empower them. Just observe and ask each body part how you can help it and then follow its advice. Be discerning with everyone and everything. Pay attention to your inner guidance, which always comes with a physical feeling around the Heart. There is a lot of varied information and services out there, so go with what resonates and expands and let go of what doesn't. This, of course, pertains to everyone and everything in your life.

Our potential now is to truly know we are free in order to create our lives based on essence(s). to step into our Power as ascending masters. Then you may step more firmly onto your Sacred Path and be more aware of being multidimensional. that of having within you all dimensions and all the energies they offer. You/we have the potential of making huge leaps forward. We will have ever more Awareness and more fearlessness in taking the steps toward our dreams. It is important to stay grounded, as it could feel as though you got on a very fast roller coaster. Remember to throw your arms in the air and shout, "Wheeeee!" Being in Joy, and not in control, is the bigger message. So again I ask, "Where is your Joy?" Jump on and ride with complete abandon.

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