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I share what Soul guides me to share about every two weeks. I don’t consider this channeling, for my Soul and I are One. The Ascension Notes include the latest energies and each word carries high dimensional energy that flow into you as you read, helping you during this time of Transformation. The Notes are very grounding and practical. They are your potential and the information is not to be stuck in your intellect, but felt in your Heart.

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The Solstice Activation - 20-Jun-2014

Almost two weeks ago I spoke of the Full Moon Gateway and how it was preparing us for the Solstice (whether Summer or Winter). The Gateway was a step into bringing Heaven to Earth. Many portals around Gaia opened then and since then the portals have woven together to create the huge Solstice phenomena (too big to call it a portal or gateway) that literally opens the entire Earth to be a conduit between Heaven (or the higher dimensions) and Earth. If you can visualize all of Gaia being bathed in Light with all portals and leylines glowing brightly as One, you will not only see what I'm speaking of, but you empower it as well. The Light flowing into even the darkest crevices of Gaia are brought forth from the Galactic Sun through our own sun and that is not all. All star systems and galaxies are also pouring their Light to blend and add to the power of this solar event. It does not matter where you are, as you open wide to receive, you will (even if Winter is beginning where you are).

As many of you can attest to, the last few weeks have brought more intense shifting. Our old ways and how we relate to others have greatly shifted. Please know that all is in Divine Order, so if things seem to have crumbled around you, know it is for everyone's highest evolution. There simply is no holding onto the way things have been. Truths have and will continue to be revealed and this may feel like a rug has been pulled out from under you...unless you remind yourself that all is unfolding perfectly and you don't try to fix or hold yourself back by pretending you're the same person you've always been ~ you're not.

After the Solstice, you will see more of what no longer serves your evolution. As you let go, know that you are safe, even if things look and feel so different and you have no idea where you're going or who you are. Much like a baby about to be born, trust that you are taken care of as new parents care for their newborn. As you put your focus on Trust and Love, you will be held and led by your wise Soul, who knows what is next. Surrender to what is and put your Faith into your knowing Soul...the You that always has been and always will be, for your Soul is Source. There is no beginning or end to you.

We have expanded into being multidimensional so that past and future are in the Big Now. In each moment, check within and see what you are creating based on your feelings and thoughts. Shift them if they are not as beautiful as you truly are. This is important, for the past longing will want to seduce you to go backward when you knew your roles and stayed nice and comfy in your comfort zone. With this Solstice, it is time to be born, or at least to begin your journey through the birth canal. Continue to expand without having to know what you are expanding into. Simply keep your vibration high and be not deterred into old patterns and forms. You may be surprised how quickly you manifest your thoughts and feelings, so pay attention in each moment as to what you're feeling and thinking, for they will be manifest. Remember, you are a powerful sovereign being. a creator.

Being multidimensional simply means that we are straddling many dimensions at once. While we still live in the 3rd Dimension, we also carry our Home Dimension and are receiving much Light from other dimensions, especially the energies of the 5th Dimension. So the Light we carry is as varied as the many dimensional energies that we receive, especially during the Solstice. If you can't intellectualize this, all the better. Feel beneath the words. Because of this inundation of multidimensional energies, you may feel rather floaty and perhaps even a bit discombobulated as your cells and DNA are transforming to a higher form in order to hold even more Light. And this will continue.

Do know that it is we who are the conduits for the Light that flows into all portals of Gaia. So being clear and open is important. If you notice that you get stuck in some old pattern, release the energy as soon as you're aware that you are in the old, whether physically, emotionally or mentally. And then ask yourself how you want to feel. The old becomes very prominent when spending time with those who seemingly refuse to let the old go and don't seem to want to see you in any other way except in the role that had been projected onto you. Be true to who you truly are Now and it isn't your old role. As you do so, you will remain strong. There is no need to explain yourself, for many will not be able to comprehend. Just be in your own knowing. As you stay strong in the New, you radiate Love to all around you. How others react or shift is their choice.

Being multidimensional affects all of you. Your nervous system may be especially affected, so if you feel anxious (or what seems like anxiety) or you have strange sleep or you have headaches or feel wired, breathe through it and know that your electrical/nervous system is shifting. Meditation helps, as does being in Nature, Earthing, eating light and solitude. You may go between being cold to being hot, regardless of the weather. This is due to old energies being burned off and the inner changes that are occurring. Our upper chakras, beginning at the Heart Chakra, are being upgraded and our higher chakras above the Crown are being more activated. Meditating in the High Heart (the Thymus . between your Heart and Throat Chakras) helps as does meditating with your focus on your Angel Chakra, which is above your Third Eye and at the hairline. For me, it looks like a star burst. If you choose to have your focus in the Pineal Chakra, this is a powerful place to be as the Pineal is the distributor of the higher multidimensional energies. Follow your guidance as to what fits for you. Do know that however you meditate, you are automatically connecting to all of life, the portals, leylines, Galactic Sun, our solar system, other solar systems, and Beings of Light both on Earth and otherwise. While meditation seems like it's an inner act for you alone, it is much connects you to All.

As we move through the Solstice Earth Gateway/Portal/Activation, we take another step in our evolution. a rather big one at that. Be sure to also connect with the Mother Ray that is located in the Crystal Cluster at the center of Gaia. Invite the Mother Ray into you, for as you receive the powerful Light from the Galactic Sun and beyond, you stay grounded by the Mother Ray. (It looks aquamarine and silver to me.) Through this Solstice we will be much more in touch with our I AM Presence. our Soul. Source. Of course, we're always connected. it just may seem more conscious or stronger, depending on where you are on your Ascension Path.

Through the Solstice, you may also feel much more strongly connected to the Divine Feminine in all Her forms. Of course, the Divine Feminine is the very essence of Ascension and as you embrace your own nurturing, stillness and intuition, you become more powerfully connected to your Soul. regardless of what Earthly body you inhabit. You may talk less and listen more to self and others. You may find you don't have adequate words to share, so being in Silence is more aligned with who you are. Certainly, small talk seems inane.

Whether you do Ceremony or not, know that you are definitely a part of this global activation. Be in Peace no matter what is going on and know how truly beloved and honored you are.

~ ~ ~

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