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Freedom - 02-Feb-2014

As we awaken and allow our Souls to lead the way, rather than the restrictive rules of the ego, we are free.

We are spiritually sovereign beings, free to choose how we live our lives. This means that as we awaken we have a choice as to how to live and create our lives based on how we want to feel. In the old life, we were not free, as we lived chained to expectations and attachments to old beliefs and illusions and the programs that were placed onto us in childhood and by our particular culture. Now that we have shed our shackles, we can choose how we want to live, rather than being held captive by old beliefs and patterns designed to control and keep us in fear. We have shaken loose from our comfort zones and have stepped into a new world that can be a bit disconcerting, for we have lived for so long having others tell us who we are and what we are to do.

When I was a young girl I was told many things that became beliefs. Here are some:
You go to college to meet a husband. Because you’re pretty, you will be able to have anything you want; your looks are more important than your brain. You are too independent. You will never get a man unless you keep a clean house. No one will like you if you tell the truth. You must keep your mouth shut in order to keep the peace. Why can’t you be like her? A little white lie never hurt anyone. Don’t share what happens in your family. You can marry a rich one as easily as you can marry a poor one. We can’t afford that. These are just a few examples of what I took on and created beliefs around. Also know that rebelling against anything, you are attaching to the same energy thereby creating a belief.

Freedom came when I took each of my beliefs and let them go. I let go of any attachments I had to how I thought life should be. I let go of taking responsibility for others’ feelings. I let go of my familial role. I let go of my lack consciousness. And when I let go of the many layers of imposed beliefs, I was free to create my own life on my own terms. This is Freedom.

Many years ago, I began to meditate. A whole new world opened up to me and that was the beginning of my awakening. I left the Catholic Church, as I saw the control and fear and limitation it wrought on many of its followers. I began to question everything in life and began to form my own answers. I let go of supposed-to’s, shoulds, cant’s and anything else that kept me in a box of supposed security. Instead, I stepped out of the box and chose to live my own life; not the life that my family, karma and culture wanted me to live.

Only once one is courageous enough to believe in themselves as the final authority, will they be free to fly into their New Life, created by how they feel. So ask yourself, “Where do I find Joy?” “What am I passionate about?” “What holds me back from being a free spiritual sovereign being of Light?” As you let go of all the constraints you have allowed in your life, you are then free to create and allow to emerge as your True Self. And then your Soul becomes stronger, and ego becomes the expressor of your Soul; your Divinity; your Truth.

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