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I share what Soul guides me to share about every two weeks. I don’t consider this channeling, for my Soul and I are One. The Ascension Notes include the latest energies and each word carries high dimensional energy that flow into you as you read, helping you during this time of Transformation. The Notes are very grounding and practical. They are your potential and the information is not to be stuck in your intellect, but felt in your Heart.

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Living the New Now - 05-Feb-2016

We are definitely in a whole New space (I know I keep saying that; we keep evolving). I know you feel it. We’ve been inundated with one solar event after another and this is not to stop, but intensify with each day. On February 8th, we have a New Moon, which further helps us evolve in our New Now. And we continue to have a five-planet alignment for a few more weeks to further empower the energies. We sure are feeling it, aren’t we? If you can go beneath the surface of how you are experiencing all of this, you will see old beliefs, patterns and other old energies making their way to the surface in order to make room for more Love and more Light. Yesterday I had an amazing experience with someone in which their Light Body enveloped them. Their Light Body showed itself as a beautiful bubble of liquid Light. It was amazing. I imagine that as each clears, their own Light Body will do something similar. Just remember that each experience is different and unique for each person and can only occur when a person is clear of old energies and programs. Once clear, it is important not to go back into acting in the old way. Everything must shift, so stay in the Moment, for it is only in the Now Moment that you will discover your next steps in the New Now.

You may notice lots of phenomena that are not of the 3D senses. The Veil is either gone or thin (depending on where you are in your Ascension). What you may describe as miracles (really, so-called miracles are becoming commonplace in the New) occur rather frequently. They may appear as strange and beautiful lights or timelessness or in other ways. Be an observer so you don’t attach to the phenomena, for then you tend to stop your current flow. Many are receiving high dimensional Light Codes, so watch for symbols in your meditation or dreamtime. There is nothing to do, but observe, for the Light Codes know what to do and where to go.

If you experience other phenomena (many label these as “ascension symptoms”), just observe without the old 3D need to know what, why, how, where, when or who it is. It all is simply a part of New Life. Also realize that while so many speak of a 5th Dimension Gaia, which is limiting, we are multidimensional, so the dimensions on Earth are varied and shift constantly. It is an old human desire to label and put things in a linear box. We are stepping away from anything 3D and each person’s Opportunity is to open up as each takes a big step in more Awakening.

As a possible reminder, our Pineal Chakra is the distributor of Light Codes, high dimensional Light and a higher degree of electromagnetic energy. From the Pineal all of this flows into us, going where it is needed and especially upgrades our cells, DNA and electrical systems. You needn’t manage it; just your Willingness to receive is what is required. When your Pineal Chakra distributes this Light, you may experience headaches located in and around your 3rd Eye (the Pineal and 3rd Eye are not the same, by the way) and any time we receive Light, all that is not Love will surface and that is when you may do something; observe, release and fill up with Source Light. When you meditate, you create a field of Willingness, so do meditate or at least focus your attention in your Heart, High Heart or Pineal Chakra. If you feel anxious or amped up, realize that you are downloading high vibrational Light.

Pay attention to what your body is suggesting. At times it will guide you to rest or sleep and at other times you will be motivated to move. If there is a part of your body that is holding pain or extra energy, ask what that area needs and then do it. Stay out of drama and chaos, for these things block your evolution. There could be a lot of that, including gossip and complaining, since many may not realize what is occurring and they just see that things are irritating them; they tend to blame everything and everyone around them (even listening to it lowers your vibration). Resist the urge to inform, save, fix or rescue if you encounter this. Remember that everyone has a choice and is responsible for their own choices. If you are invited to share, that is different; then share your Wisdom freely. Just don’t insert yourself uninvited.

We have released and transformed some core beliefs; beliefs that have helped us be comfortable in the old world. Yet, we’re not in the old world now. We have been guided to let go of some big things; things we have been rather attached to. All one has to do is to look backward to find them. For instance, religion and sacred texts…did the prophets really write them; did they really intend for there to be such separation as there is in religion? Go within and ask for yourself. Be willing to see the Truth. Be willing to let go of all you’ve been taught. To move forward, one has to at least be willing to explore and come up with their own answers. Does perpetuating anything that has existed in the past help you to be in the New? Feel what has limited you and others throughout eons. What have you been told that you took as truth? These are some questions that once you discover your own answers to will either keep you back in them or set you free.

Words are not just words. Every word is an energy. The words you use and the thoughts you think tell you and others where your consciousness is and they serve as a mirror to your beliefs. In the New, there is a letting go of beliefs and an opening of perceptions. Beliefs tend to be static, while perceptions flow and shift as you do. We know that most 3D words tend to separate and belittle. Use words that unify and in which you feel an expansion when you use them. Don’t just use words because they’re popular or automatic; feel the words you use, read, write and think. Use words that are in the present and empower, rather than separate or diminish. Be aware of the words you use. Be silent often. Observe. Don’t speak unless you truly feel beneath each word you use. This goes also for words you do not speak, yet you think them. Be an observer of your words and feelings, for this tells you a lot about yourself and others, as you read or listen to their words. It is only through full conscious Awareness that we are New. Words and thoughts create.

As I have been sharing for a while now, each one of us must take full Responsibility for who we are and what we exude and experience, for we are pure energy. Energy doesn’t stay encapsulated in our body; it flows out, for it and we are much bigger than our physical body. We flow out whatever we are thinking, being and feeling at all times. And to create the New, be it personal or global (actually both), we must take an active part in the Transformation in our lives. While our Pineal Chakra does much to distribute the Light within us, unless we use it to expand ourselves, the energy sits dormant within. While the Light has helped expose certain old energies, it is up to us to make the changes that are aligned with our Soul. Because Soul is the more powerful voice now, as we listen to our Guidance, what we can do is shown to us. To strengthen your Soul’s voice, meditate and consciously connect with your Soul; the True You.

It is not enough to speak the New words; we are guided to demonstrate them. Words are pretty simple to speak, yet what is more important is that our life is congruent with who we say we are. How disappointing it is when we discover someone’s words don’t match their actions or how they live their life. Of course, this also is a perception and a reminder to look at our own lives to see how congruent our words and life are…or are not.

As we move forward we have opportunities where we can leave our old life and have new life experiences. These are not a part of new “life scripts or stories” that we create, as scripts and stories are limiting. There is no new paradigm, for that word limits as well. In fact, anything that is a label tends to identify us as "this or that” and we are so much more than “this or that.” We are free to flow and shift and create and create again. And as always, it is the choice of every single being to do so…or not. I can tell you though that if you create a comfortable box around you, you won’t like it for very long. We are not here to create more programs or labels; we are here to free ourselves from all constraints…eventually. We are moving into that. I still pay taxes and rent and bills. I still see almost all governments are in place (for now). I see that most have their rules about what’s right and what’s wrong. So realize that we are not forced to push things along. It is enough to just take one conscious step after another, knowing that each conscious step we take leads us to the Freedom we say we want. Be aware that everything you are guided to do is not based on your life as it has been, but is a new expression of who you are.

We are not meant to fit in somewhere; we’re meant to stand out in our uniqueness. Therefore, we remove our energy from situations where folks are complaining about certain things and mind what we are doing in our own lives. We are not even meant to fit into and attach to our own plans and intentions, for they shift as we do. The best way is not to be so rigid about what we are to do in any given moment, but to feel what we are guided to do…or not do. Honor your rhythm; your own flow. Feel within always as to what inspires and expands and what does not.

We are not recreating ourselves; we are creating ourselves. We get to see where we flow and where we don’t. We get to open ourselves up to a brand new experience of life. We don’t reconnect; we connect in a whole new way. We are not recalibrating; we are calibrating to the New and slowly we are finding out what that may be, while still allowing ourselves to shift higher and higher in vibration and consciousness. We continue to clear ourselves and this clearing isn’t based on the old resistance; it is a clearing that flows easier because we’re in a whole new way of being; with new perceptions and new consciousness…new everything. Do you notice that who you liked being around before, you don’t anymore? Do you notice that what you used to enjoy, you don’t anymore? These are just a few of the signs of shifting. Do you notice that you want to play more without the restrictions of having to do something that is required? Do you notice that you desire to arrange your physical space so that it reflects more of you or that you want to move to a different location? Do you want to travel to a place you’ve never been before and a place that promises to be a new adventure for you? Are you unwilling to play the role that others have put you in and you agreed to? Are you done with being a victim and sense that you are rising in your own personal Power? These are all a part of your shift.

Have you noticed that your meditation is not necessarily relegated to a particular time and space; it’s how you live your life? While meditation is and has been a very important part of opening your Heart and empowering your Soul’s voice, the higher purpose of meditation is to live your life as a meditation, meaning that what you feel in meditation, you feel in your everyday life. Meditation may take on a new quality of Silence, while also becoming a part of your life whether paying bills, doing chores or relating to others.

As we anchor more of this New Life, we will feel more energized and perhaps we will not feel so exhausted in the morning after a nighttime of downloading. You will continue to feel uplifted and it is getting easier to just Be, rather than having to do and push and control. It is pretty fun to observe all the changes without needing to know why or how or what’s next or all those meaningless details separate ego likes to busy itself with. The New is about Flow and Allowing; and of course, Love; for Love is Flow and Allowing and everything!

~ ~ ~

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