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Wholing - 27-Jun-2017

This is not an Ascension Note; it is something I wrote that I intended for the Spiritual Musing page on my website, only it doesn't work, so I'm posting and sharing it here:

What is the difference between wholing and healing? 

Healing is an old term. It indicates that one seeks fixing from the “healer;” yet, unless the two are on the same vibratory level, nothing occurs. Wholing is the recognition that one is already whole in Truth. Wholing does not take Power from another, as healing does.

When a person seeks healing from another, they give Power to the one they choose to heal them. Wholing does not do this, as both are on an equal vibration. There is no seeking to be “fixed,” for both recognize that they are whole. Wholing does not take Power from the other, knowing that the other is capable of wholing themselves.

Regardless of what you have read, The Christ knew that every person was capable of self-wholing. He merely helped the other see the Power within themselves. Much of what He knew was passed to Him by His mother. The wholer does not take Responsibility for fixing the other, but recognizes that the person is already whole and a powerful sovereign being of Love/Light. The wholer simply helps the other see that they are responsible for all in their life and helps the other see what is blocking their own Light. Wholers also see that in Truth there is no other, for all is a mirror of themselves, showing where the wholer is also blocking their own Light.

The wholer works with one's Soul for the highest Truth and shows this Truth to the one desiring wholing. Wholing is nothing more than removing what no longer belongs. This can be illustrated by the story of the Pieta: Michelangelo was in the square with a large block of marble. A little boy was watching him as Michelangelo began chipping away, revealing the masterpiece within the block of marble. When Michelangelo finished, the little boy asked, “How did you know that was in there?” 

This story symbolizes wholing. The wholer helps the other see what they may let go of; that which no longer belongs, revealing the masterpiece within. Of course, the person receiving this information may choose to release or not. 

The wholer also knows that after a person releases, it must be replaced by Source Love; as after a person releases, a void is created. If it is not filled up with Love, the old returns to fill the void. A person may want to fill the void with what they choose and yet Source Love is much grander than anything a person can think of; this is because thoughts are limited and limiting.

Words are important, for they actually reveal what beliefs a person holds in the subconscious. Many use words without Awareness. They simply use words they are used to using without understanding that the words they use keep old 3D beliefs intact. If one doesn't consciously use words, they empower the old, and then don't understand why they keep creating the same situations repeating themselves. Healing is such a word; it is of the old.

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