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I share what Soul guides me to share about every two weeks. I don’t consider this channeling, for my Soul and I are One. The Ascension Notes include the latest energies and each word carries high dimensional energy that flow into you as you read, helping you during this time of Transformation. The Notes are very grounding and practical. They are your potential and the information is not to be stuck in your intellect, but felt in your Heart.

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Evolving Higher - 02-Apr-2017

Just because the Equinox has come and gone, according to man-made time, please remember that there is no time in the higher dimensions...thus, we are still being affected by this powerful energy. The Equinox is giving us a big push into the higher dimensions, as much as they are within us. They are helping us to separate from the 3D world of duality. The New is Soul-based; the old is ego-based. The New has nothing to do with old programs, beliefs or thoughts. It is fresh and we can't take the old and expect to create the New from it. We have been shown where we are still attached to the old and have been nudged to let it all go and make room for the New, as guided by Soul. We have had the opportunity to finalize old karmic patterns and contracts that we made long ago; or I should say, were made for us based on an ongoing karmic pattern. Being in the New, we are shown new aspects of who we truly are and receive opportunities to express ourselves as Soul; if we take them.

These opportunities are connected to choices and actions you take. The highest frequencies of these choices and actions are Love, Joy and Passion. These are Soul Essences. As you merge with Soul, you embody these essences, which take you higher in consciousness, which then affects every aspect of your life and imbues your life with these Soul Essences. See? It's a Spiral of Love. Then you love and accept yourself and others with no old expectations of how they “should” be or how you “should” be. Shoulds are based on old beliefs, patterns and rules. They do not belong in the New; they are very much of the old; not a part of who you are now.

Certainly the energies can feel a bit confusing. In one minute, we feel very anchored in the New and the next minute feel entrenched in the old. You see, the period of linear time is done; linear means going from one thing to another in some sort of order. Flow is not like this. It ebbs and flows. So go with what is. If you feel yourself being pulled back in the old, see if there is something that is pulling you back and something that wants release. Otherwise, just go with it. Stay out of self-judgment. Release what wants release gently and easily; we are not in a race. If you feel grief, allow it and then release it. If you feel sad, allow it and then release it. If you feel anger, allow it and then release it. Fill up with Divine Love always after release; otherwise you create a void after you release and the old often returns to fill up that void. Isn't it best to continue to fill up with Divine Love? Of course, we also release and rise in layers, much like peeling an onion. We remove the outer layers and the deeper layers are revealed. No matter, continue to accept, release and fill up. Do not linger or analyze what comes up from your depths; simply accept, release and fill up. Once you begin to analyze and wonder about it, you attach to the old energy and this keeps it within you. Keep your vibration high by not attaching to anything old. Always see the bigger picture without needing to know why something is occurring. As you shift your perception from “what's wrong” to “what's right,” your world shifts. You have a can wallow or evolve.

While I don't like to focus on “Ascension phenomena,” it sometimes helps to know that what you are experiencing physically is because of the ongoing downloads of Light and your bodies are adjusting. There is no difference between emotions, thoughts and physical phenomena, for they are all One. What affects one, affects all. The downloads are Light and they upgrade everything you are. Go with it without intellectually wondering if you ate something that doesn't agree with you, are allergic to something or that you picked up some bad juju. Instead, take care of yourself as best you can. You can ask different parts of your body what it needs. Remember that these adjustments and upgrades help you to anchor new or forgotten gifts; gifts to share and gifts to help you be on the best path for your highest expression. Your Soul is in charge. Your ego is the expressor of Soul. When you meditate in your Heart or High Heart, you empower you as Soul. You and Soul are One. Soul is your Highest Self and it is Source. When you follow your guidance, you enhance your Divinity.

There may be major life changes. These can be anything from a family quarrel to a completely changed environment. Realize that it's all created by you, whether consciously or otherwise. However the changes appear, trust it's all for your highest evolution. If you find yourself blaming something or someone for these changes, let that old energy go. Everything is designed for you, by you, to lift you higher. You can ask yourself how you want to perceive the change. When you perceive anything from a higher point of view, you evolve. If you blame (like so many are doing these days, regardless of who they say they are), you hold onto the old, especially when your perception is that this thing, whatever it is; is happening to you and not for you. You can look at it dispassionately and respond differently than you would have in the past. Be grateful for all in your life; stay away from judging anything as “good” or “bad,” for this is duality. 

Some of us experience being able to see through the “veil.” For instance, some may see stars that move, different colors and shapes and manifestations of other things that aren't “normal” in 3D life. This is because our minds and perceptions are shifting higher. We can talk with other-worldly beings; they love it when we do. I am also receiving information that many of the Ascended Masters are here with us, as are many angels. Of course, many of us are angels as well. There are more folks on Earth, because we all want to be a part of this tremendous, never before experienced, time on Earth. There is no-one or nothing that isn't touched by this shift. Many may not realize it and yet, that doesn't matter. What matters is that we put one foot in front of the other and follow our own Divine Path.

Living with such Awareness does not mean there are no challenges; it's just that you see through the challenges in a different way. Let's change the word “challenge” to opportunity, for that is what a challenge is. You flow with them, rather than resist them or blame someone for them. Each time you move through a challenge (opportunity), you move quickly on a Wave of Grace. You don't get stuck in some circular ongoing merry-go-round when you have Awareness and a higher perspective. There are no limitations, aside from what you create yourself based on old beliefs. If you feel stuck, see how you are creating this by what you believe is true. With each step, we anchor the New onto Earth and activate more and more the New Earth Grid. Connect and ground to it; this helps you and Gaia.

These upgrades release toxins, for we are pure energy. We may appear solid, yet we aren't. As we receive more Light, we shift. If we were solid, we wouldn't experience change. As we align with the higher dimensional Light, we help our bodies align with this high energy, so that we become One with it. When we don't align with the higher energies, we create a push-pull or schism and this results in pain...mentally, emotionally and physically. How can we align? By flowing with changes and not resisting them; by meditating; by being in Nature. Having high vibrational thoughts also helps. This is staying positive with what is. Yet, when we experience headaches, anxiety, tummy upset, depression, backaches and other physical phenomena, we want to blame it on something. Blame is resistance. Better to flow with the higher energies, for when you flow with, you do not resist; you align with whatever energy is flowing into you. When you hold onto old emotions, thoughts and beliefs, you are not congruent with the higher energies and therefore, are in resistance. When you release the old and make guided new choices, you align. All emotions create something physical, as do all thoughts. Scan your body and find where you are holding some old belief or energy (perhaps it is something you hold pain about or something/someone you need to forgive). Ask your body and Soul-Self to help you let it go and fill the empty space with Divine Love afterward. When energy flows freely, there is healing/wholing. When you are clear, you align with the higher energies and while you may still have adjustments in your body, they will feel easier than when you resist.

All of the masters have told us that we will do these things and greater things. This is the time. Meditate, breathe and move gently with Awareness. Love yourself; all aspects of you; and flow. Ask all your bodies what they need for Wholeness and then follow their guidance. You are on Earth for a purpose and that purpose is to Be Love.

~ ~ ~

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